The CEFMA PACK range of machines manufacture reliable and economical multi packs by applying adhesive tape.

The CEFMA PACK concept includes transport, grouping and application of the bundling tape. Our different patented systems to apply adhesive bundling tape are adapted to your packaging requirements.

Our R&D and Engineering Departments are at your service to:

  • adapt machinery within our existing range,
  • or design a machine to meet your specific requirements.

CEFMABAO 15 12 bundles/min

CEFMABAO 25 20 bundles/min

CEFMABAO 202 45 bundles/min

CEFMAPACK 32NV 40 bundles/min

option :
CEFMAPACK 32NV + carry handle


CEFMAPACK 132 40 bundles/min

option :
CEFMAPACK 132 + carry handle