CEFMAHANDLE 120 automatic machine for the application of adhesive carry handles.
Compact, single-lane machine adapted to products of most sizes.
Carry handle applied to the top of products.

Technical Specifications
Application System : rotating paddle.
Maximum Speed : 72 handles/minute.
Stainless Steel frame.
Multi formats.
Integrated Rating and Spacing Conveyors.
End of spool detection cell.
End of Label stock detection cell.
Adhesive Tape Width: 25/30 mm.
Adhesive Tape Spool Length : 5000m.

Machine Dimensions
L :1600mm.
W :1290mm.
H :1220mm + conveyor height

Input Requirements :
Electricity : 380V
Compressed Air : 6 bars.

Motorized automatic multi format adjustments.
Use of Prelaminated Carry Handle.
Pneumatic Tape Spool Holder.
Multifonction Control Screen.