CEFMAHANDLE 260 automatic machine for the application of adhesive carry handles.
Compact, dual-lane machine adapted to products of most sizes.
Carry handle applied to the top of products.

Technical Specifications
Application System : rotating paddle.
Maximum Speed : 72 handles/minute/lane.
Stainless Steel frame.
Multi formats.
Integrated Rating and Spacing Conveyors.
End of spool detection cell.
End of Label stock detection cell.
Operator access on one side of the machine for changing consumables and working on application systems.
Minimum Center line to center line width : 340 mm.
Adhesive Tape Width: 25/30 mm.
Adhesive Tape Spool Length : 5000m.

Machine Dimensions
L :2750mm
W : center line to centre line width + 1080mm.
H :1270mm + conveyor height

Input Requirements :
Electricity : 380V
Compressed Air : 6 bars.

Motorized automatic multi format adjustments.
Use of Prelaminated Carry Handle.
Pneumatic Tape Spool Holder.
Multifonction Control Screen.