Our CEFMA HANDLE range of machinery uses different patented application systems to apply adhesive carry handles on products of most all dimensions and packaging materials.

CEFMA HANDLE equipment is the most efficient on the market: speeds of up to 110 handles/minute/lane, adjustable handle loop lengths as well as automatic format changes which permit CEFMA to cover most all carry handle application requirements.

Our R&D and Engineering Departments are at your service :

  • to adapt machines of our current range to your needs,
  • or to design new machines to meet your special carry handle requirements.

CEFMAHANDLE 60 Maximum Speed 42 handles/min

CEFMAHANDLE 120 Maximum Speed 72 handles/min

CEFMAHANDLE HC1000 Maximum Speed 110 handles/min

CEFMAHANDLE H160 Maximum Speed 42 handles/min/lane

CEFMAHANDLE 240 Maximum Speed 72 handles/min/lane

CEFMAHANDLE 260 Maximum Speed 72 handles/min/lane

CEFMAHANDLE 802 Maximum 72 handles/min/lane

CEFMAHANDLE 45 60 handles/min

CEFMAHANDLE 42 55 handles/min

CEFMAHANDLE 50 55 handles/min

CEFMA ATV 25 40 handles/min

CEFMA D1P 10 handles/min

CEFMA M1P 20 handles/min