The CEFMA Company designs and manufactures packaging machines with a high added value directly linked to its R&D department and its Engineering and Design department .

Research and Development

CEFMA’s R&D program has the following broad objectives:

  • The improvement of its range of machines
  • Innovations in the field of adhesive tape for packaging.

Our R&D policy has two types of projects:

  • Internally manage and financed projects
  • Partnerships with clients from the packaging sector

This program is made possible by:

  • The high level of skills and creativity internally
  • The patents concerning all our innovations
  • Partnerships with such organizations: the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lyon and the French development agency ANVAR for the commercial and financial support concerning the innovative plans.

Engineering and Design department

The CEFMA Company completely controls its engineering thanks to its two mechanical and electronic Engineering and Design departments.

This organisation enables CEFMA to master and develop our know-how as well as to be reactive and flexible in response to finding solutions.